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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Diphtheria Swabs, 145; Sputa, 546; Typhoid Specimens, 54;
Ringworm Specimens, 52; Miscellaneous Specimens, 667; Diphtheria
Virulence Tests, 1.
A total of 249 specimens were examined for the Connaught
Hospital (included above).
The total for the previous year was 482.

Mr. E. Sharp, Vaccination Officer for the Area, has furnished the following return for 1936

Births Registered.Successfully Vaccinated.Percentage Vaccinated.Insusceptible.Exemptions.Deaths before Vaccinated.Postponed
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In addition to the above, 13 primary vaccinations were
recorded, and 11 re-vaccinations.
During 1936 the vaccinal condition of all school children
examined at Routine Medical Inspection was recorded, and a
summary of the findings for the year showed that 27.9 per cent.
were vaccinated.
The scheme made by the County Council under Section 63 of
the Local Government Act, 1929, now covers the hospital treatment
of smallpox. The cost of treatment of cases sent with the approval
of the County Medical Officer of Health into hospital is now a
general charge upon the county, excluding the Borough of Colchester.
At the same time, your Council continues to maintain the
temporary buildings at Low Hall Farm formerly used as a hospital
for smallpox cases.
No case of smallpox occurred in 1936.
A total of 315 cases of Scarlet Fever was notified in 1936, as
compared with 569 in 1935.

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