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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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52 infants were born to Walthamstow mothers in Forest Gate
Hospital during the year.
The number of patients from Walthamstow in Mental Hospitals
was 357 on'the 31st December, 1936.
The Connaught Hospital.
Captain Ellison, Secretary to the Hospital, has kindly supplied
the following information:—
"Of the total number of In-patients admitted during the year,
1,021 were residents of the Borough.

"The following figures show the progress of the Hospital during 1936, as compared with the previous year:—

No. Admitted.Ave'age Stay.Daily Average.New Cases.Attendances.
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"Staff (Medical).—There were five Honorary Medical and
Surgical Consultants, and sixteen Honorary Visiting Specialists on
the Staff, and four Medical Officers were resident.
"Staff (Nursing).—The Nursing Staff consists of the Matron,
the Assistant Matron and Sister Tutor (combined post), Home
Sister and Ward Sister (combined post), Night Sister, 12 Sisters
(including 7 in special departments), 9 Staff Nurses and 35 probationers,
also Assistant Nurse in X-ray Department.
"Beds.—The complement of 118 beds is allocated as follows:—
Medical cases, 31; Surgical, 43; Children, 30; Private one-bed
Wards, 10; Observation Beds, 4.
"Departments.—There are facilities for operative surgery,
X-ray work, dental, ophthalmic, massage, and electro-therapy.
Pathological work is carried out partly at the hospital and partly
at other institutions.
"Operations and Treatments.—During 1936, 1,046 major operations
and 2,776 minor operations were performed, making a total
of 3,822. 17,126 radiographs were taken. There were 11,956
massage treatments, also 21,008 electrical treatments, 83 special
treatments, and 3,056 artificial sunlight treatments at the Comely
Bank Clinic; a total of 36,103 treatments at this Clinic."

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