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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Full term (15Cases).INFANTS—STILLBIRTHS.

Case No.Reg. No.First or later Pregnancy.Maternal Complications.Method of Delivery.Sex.Infant Birth Weight.Recent or Macerated.Cause of Death.Post-mortem Examination.
lbs. ozs.
11134FirstCaesarean Section following failure in delivery by forcepsF.8 14RecentPremature separation of part of placentaNot held.
21296SpontaneousM.8 1„ „
31690M.7 12½„ „
41005ForcepsF.Not weighedProlonged labour
61257FirstForcepsM.7 12RecentProlonged labour
71745FourthSpontaneous after versionM.Not weighedShock after version.
81754SecondForcepsM.10 9? Cerebral haemorrhage
91352FirstSpontaneousF.Not weighedCongenital morbus cordisLarge patent foramen ovale.
101642M.Tumour of thymus glandHeld.
121447Assisted breechM.„"Multiple malformations
131061SpontaneousM.,,UnknownNot held.
141414"M.7 0MaceratedAnte-partum haemorrhage
151746Albuminuria. HyperpiesisForcepsM.10 4RecentProlonged labour
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Remarks-—Case 4. Foetal death during first stage.
Case 6. Foetal death during first stage.
Case 7. Labour: Prolapsed arm. Impacted shoulder.
Case 12. Delay in birth of head.

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