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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Reg. No.Case No.Gravida.Age.Ante-Natal Conditions.Type of Labour.Method of Delivery.Onset of Pyrexia.Duration of Pyrexia.Cause.
144217127Tonsillitis in late pregnancy.NormalSpontaneous2nd day--
144018232Albuminuria,,,,4th ,,(a) Uterine infection.
(b) Urinary infection.
146019220Satisfactory,,,,3rd ,,5 daysVery mild uterine infection.
154920123,,,,,,5th ,,24 hours,, ,, ,, ,,
154721125,,,,,,7th ,,36 ,,Non-suppurative mastitis.
160522128Albuminuria Hyperpiesis Oedema.Prolonged,,5th ,,-Anaerobic streptococcal infection of blood and urine.
162623122Pulmonary tuberculosis.Normal,,3rd ,,Pulmonary tuberculosis.
166324131Satisfactory,, ,,,,10th ,,3 daysUndiagnosed.
168025529Pre-eclamptic toxaemiaAnte-Partum haemorrhage.,,1st ,,11 ,,Urinary infection.
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Case 2.—Infant born at home. Admitted on sixth day
because booked for Maternity Home. Manual
removal of placenta.
,, 5.—Transferred.
,, 12.—Transferred. Emergency admission.
,, 16.—Transferred.
,, 17.—Transferred. Patient died one week later.
Case 18.—Transferred.
,, 19.—Transferred.
,, 22.—Transferred. Twins. Manual removal of
,, 23.—Sent home under care of own doctor. Later
transferred to sanatorium where she subsequently
,, 25.—Emergency admission.

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