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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The standard adopted for the estimation of Puerperal Pyrexia
is that of the Ministry of Health, namely, a temperature of 100.4°,
or more sustained for 24 hours, or recurring within that period.

Analysis of cases :—

Number of cases notified,
Primiparae.Multiparae.All Cases,%of Cases
646 Booked Confinements .167233.5
14 Unbooked Confinements11214.3
660 Total number of Confine ments178253.7
Day of onset of Pyrexia.Duration.Cause.No. of Cases.
First day11 daysUrinary infection1
Second dayPatient transferredPelvic abscess1
„ „„ „Uterine infection1
„ „„ „„ „1
„ „„ „Tonsillitis on admission ?BIood stream infection1
Third day„ „Very mild uterine infection1
„ „„ „Pulmonary Tuberculosis1
Fourth dayUnder care of own doctor, 15 daysUrinary infection1
„ „Patient transferredUterine infection1
Fifth day1 dayVery mild uterine infection1
„ „Patient transferredAnaerobic streptococcal blood stream infection1
Sixth day3 daysUrinary infection1
„ „3 daysNon-suppurative mastitis1
Seventh day1½ daysNon-suppurative mastitis1
Eighth day4 daysInfluenzal cold1
„ „5 daysUndiagnosed1
„ „3 daysPerineum infection1
Ninth day3 daysNon-suppurative mastitis1
„ „4 daysNon-suppurative mastitis1
Tenth day½ dayAcute cold1
„ „3 daysUndiagnosed1
Eleventh day8 hoursGastro-intestinal disturbance1
Twelfth day2 daysNon-suppurative mastitis1
Fourteenth day9 daysSuppurative mastitis1
Sixteenth day ..1½ daysUndiagnosed1
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