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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Reg. No.Case No.Gravida.Age of Patient.Indication.Duration of LabourWeight of Infant.Result. M. C.
1st stage.2nd stage.3rd stage.
10051138Inertia940210020Not weighedL.S.B.
10212232Prolapse of cord415015010610£L.L.
10153327Prolonged second stage680330010913L.L.
11244134Persistent occipito posterior position ..7212210035611L.L.
11495119„ „ „ „771535 +01563L.L.
11436135„ „ „ „020712L.L.
11687129Prolonged second stage1554005614L.L.
11698134„ „ „1404501567L.L.
11769130Maternal distress5550001586L.L.
119110123Persistent occipito posterior position31034502082L.L.
120911133Delay in progress44252170779L.L.
122012121Prolonged second stage243032005715L.L.
123413128„ „ „102035015511L.L.
125714130Delay in second stage030712L.S.B.
12581537Cardiac disease33013001590L.L.
128316123Persistent occipito posterior position ..390315015713L.L.
12051733„ „ „ „330145045615L.L.
134218128Delay in second stage025614L.L.
133019129Prolonged second stage124531501582L.L.
133720130Delay in second stage9022002064L.L.
140421128Prolonged second stage240340015710L.L.
156322128Persistent occipito posterior position213002501079L.L.
156923122Prolonged second stage1645340+03074L.L.
161324128Persistent occipito posterior position290320020101L.L.
172125128Delay in second stage01078L.L.
17542629Persistent occipito posterior position020109L.S.B.
176027131Prolonged second stage120?43002577L.L.
17712830„ „ „ „1030?34502092L.L.
179529122„ „ „ „30 +020712L.L.
174630133Persistent occipito posterior position020104L.S.B.
122831125Delay in second stage30030411L.L.
113432124„ „ „ „480 +814L.S.B.
135333128Persistent occipito posterior position301513501368L.L.
156834128„ „ „ „160 +025715L.L.
158535222„ „ „ „113032003082L.L.
145636123„ „ „ „015814L.L.
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Case 7.—Child: Long moulded head. Disproportion.
,, 11.—Marked moulding of ch;ld's head.
,, 13.—Weighed on third day after birth. Disproportion.
,, 17.—Infant very moulded head. Weighed on sixth
day. Disproportion.
,, 19.—Disproportion.
,, 20.—Infant very moulded head.
*Case 1.—Unsuccessful attempt at delivery with forceps.
Puerperal Pyrexia.
Case 21.—Disproportion.
,, 23.—Excessive moulding of infant's head.
,, 31.—Second infant of twins.
,, 32.—Disproportion. Failed forceps. Caesarean
section. Puerperal Pyrexia.
,, 34.—Disproportion.
,, 36.—Disproportion.

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