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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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was similar to the one in use for the assessment of medical aid fees
under the Mid wives Acts.
One application was received during 1936.
Nursing Homes Registration Act, 1927.—See Public Health
Section of the Report.
Thirty-five cases of Puerperal Fever and Pyrexia were notified
during 1936. The notifications were received from the following
sources:—Maternity Home, 25; Hospitals outside the area, 3 (in
2 of these the confinements occurred in Walthamstow); and General
Practitioners, 7.
The puerperal fever and pyrexia rate for 1936 was 19.78 per
1,000 births, and the mortality due to puerperal sepsis was 3.0 per
cent, of the cases of puerperal fever and pyrexia notified.
The Registrar-General has issued the following rates with
regard to the notification of Puerperal Fever and Pyrexia. The

Walthamstow rates are set out in comparison:—

Per 1000 live and still births.
AreaPuerperal Fever.Puerperal Pyrexia.Total.
England and Wales 122 County Boroughs and3.279.6412.91
Great Towns, including London3.469.5212.98
143 Smaller Towns (25-50,000 population)2.807.5710.37
London Administrative County3.0311.1514.18
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Of the 35 notifications (Puerperal Fever, 5, and Puerperal
Pyrexia, 30) received during 1936, 25 (all Puerperal Pyrexia) were
from the Maternity Home. Many of the cases at the Maternity
Home would not have been notified if temperatures had been taken
twice daily instead of four-hourly. It can be claimed that a large
number of the notifications are due rather to more accurate notification
than to an excess in the incidence of puerperal morbidity when
compared to other areas.
The notifications and rates for Walthamstow for the past six
years have been as follows:—

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