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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The revised scheme made under the Local Government Act,
1929, for the grant period 1937-42 allocates £55 5s. Od. per annum
to the Association in respect of Maternity and Child Welfare work
and to replace the retaining fee of five guineas per annum in respect
of a relief for the Council's Municipal Midwife.

The numbers of midwifery and maternity patients stated to have been attended during the calendar year 1936 were as follows:—-

Residents.Non-Residents (in-patients only)
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Dr. Cecilia Cohen, acting for the Association, kindly arranged
the following post-graduate lectures for midwives in the Borough,
an invitation to attend also being extended to the midwives in
adjoining areas:—
Nov. 5th .. "Ante- and Post-Natal Dame Louise Mcllroy,
Care" D.B.E., M.D., D.Sc.,
,, 26th .. "Malnutrition and Ab- E. E. Davis, Esq., M.S.,
normalities" F.R.C. S.
The services of a Consultant Obstetrician were requested by
General Practitioners on five occasions (i .e., apart from the Maternity

The table below gives particulars in respect of each case:—

No.Diagnosis.Where treated.Result.
1Primary uterine inertia..Admitted to HospitalRecovery.
2Puerperal SepsisRecovery.
3Puerperal PyrexiaNursing Home— transferred to own homeRecovery.
4PhlebitisAdmitted to HospitalRecovery.
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(There were two consultations with regard to the last case.)

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