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Walthamstow 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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It will be seen that a gradual decline has taken place in
unemployment during the year.
£89,863 less unemployment benefit was paid during the
vear 1933 as asainst 1932.

Mr. Dempsey states that the following were the registrations at the Juvenile Employment Bureau:—

Fresh Applications:—BoysGirlsTotal
Insured (over 16 years)5485241,072
Not insured (under 16 years)5125701,082
Not insured452481933
Total Registrations, 19332,2661,9074,173

Parks and Recreation Grounds.—No change since 1931,
except that the laying-out of a new sports ground, having an area
of 52 acres, at Low Hall Farm has been commenced.

Extracts from Vital Statistics.—The Registrar-General's mid-year, 1933, estimate of population (viz. 135,600) has been used for the calculation of all vital statistics:—

Live BirthsLegitimate1,624782842Birth rate per 1,000 of the estimated resident population12.3
Stillbirths65Rate per 1,000 total (live and still) births37.4
Deaths1357Death rate per 1,000 of the estimated resident population10.0
Deaths from puerperal causes:—
DeathsRate per 1,000 (live and still) births
Puerperal Sepsis74.0
Other Puerperal Causes21.1