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Walthamstow 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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One case of sub-acute mastoid disease was transferred to Guy's
One case of severe endocarditis supervening on diphtheria
was transferred to Cheyne Hospital.
Duration of Treatment.—The average duration of treatment
in Hospital was as follows:-
Diphtheria 41.7 days.
Scarlet Fever 28.2 days.
Mixed Infectrions 57.2 days.

The County Medical Officer has kindly furnished the following return of patients treated in the Tuberculosis Pavilion during 1933:-

Classification in accordance with Ministry of Health Memorandum 37.T. (Rev.)In Hospital on 1st January, 1933Admitted during year.Discharged during year.Died during year.In Hospital on 31st December, 1933
T.B. Minus21413-3
T.B. Plus Group I133-1
T.B. Plus Group II163940213
T.B. Plus Group III-21-1

Only 19 of the 58 admissions were Walthamstow cases.
During the year 37 examinations were carried out by the
Medical Staff in respect of the Superannuation and Sick Pay
Your Council made the following grants during the year to
voluntary organisations: —
Invalid Children's Aid Association £100
Walthamstow Association of Tuberculosis Care Helpers £25