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Walthamstow 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The following specimens were also examined:—
Urine, 161; Ringworm, 1; Miscellaneous, 1; Total 163, as
compared with 222 in 1932.
A total of 7,010 tubes of culture media were made by Mr.
West and of these 3,324 were sent to the Sanatorium.
The Essex County Council also provide facilities for examination
of pathological specimens and the County Medical Officer
states that 763 specimens were examined for local Practitioners
during 1933 as follows:—
Diphtheria Swabs, 88; Sputa, 616; Typhoid Specimens,
27; Ringworm Specimens. 10; Miscellaneous Specimens, 22;
Diphtheria virulence tests, 4.
The total for the previous year was 891.
No case of Smallpox was notified during 1933.

Vaccination.—Mr. E. Sharp, Vaccination Officer for the Area, has furnished the following return for 1933:—

Births RegisteredSuccessfully VaccinatedPercentage VaccinatedInsusceptibleExemptionsDeaths before VaccinatedPostponed

In addition to the above, 129 primary vaccinations were
recorded and 7 revaccinations.
The percentage vaccinated compares with 15.4 in 1932 and
16.7 in 1931.
Eour revaccinations were done by your Medical Officer of
Health in connection with staff at the Smallpox Hospital.
During 1933 the vaccinal condition of all school children
examined at Routine Medical Inspection was recorded and a summary
of the findings for the year showed that 26.6 per cent, were
Two cases of Smallpox were admitted to your Smallpox Hospital
under the agreement with the Corporation of Leyton for
6 beds to be retained for the use of Smallpox patients from their
area at a retaining fee of £'100 per annum and a maintenance
charge of £6 per patient per week.
The Hospital was opened on the 20th March to admit the
first case which was discharged on 16th April ; and again re-opened