London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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of purveyors of milk during the year and a general improvement
in the standard of cleanliness was observed.
During the year 24 samples of milk were taken for bacteriological
count and of these 3 were biologically tested for
the presence of the tubercle bacillus with negative results.

The samples taken are summarised below.

Grade of Milk.No. of Samples.No. tested for T.B.
Grade A (T.T.)3
Grade A (Pasteurised)1
Grade A11

The following table gives the results of the analyses:—


Date.Grade of Milk.Total Bacteria per c.c.Bacillus Coli absent in.Presence of Tubercle Bacillus (biological test).Remarks.
9.2.33Pasteurised12,0001 c.c.No testSatisfactory.
13.2.33Raw56,0000.001 c.c.
25.4.3332,0001 c.c.Absent
23.5.33Pasteurised320,0000.001 c.c.No testUnsatisfactory.
30.5.3316,0000.001 c.c.Satisfactory.
7,8000.1 c.c.
9.6.3357,0001 c.c.
28.6.33Grade A (T.T.)14,0000.01 c.c.
Pasteurised39,0000.01 c.c.
31,0000.01 c.c.
Raw64,0000.001 c.c.
19.7.33Pasteurised37,0001 c.c.
320,0001 c.c.Unsatisfactory.
2.8.3373,0001 c.c.Satisfactory.
176,0000.0001 c.c.Unsatisfactory.
4.8.33Raw960,0000.00001 c.c.Absent
24.8.33Grade A.156,0000.001 c.c.
25.8.33Grade A (T.T.)12,0000.01 c.c.No test(Coli Count). Satisfactory.
Grade A. Pastd.3,3000.1 c.c.
Pasteurised68,0000.1 c.c.
9,1001 c.c.
26.9.33Grade A (T.T.)9,2000.01 c.c.Absent
Pasteurised15,6001 c.c.No test
4,6001 c.c.