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Walthamstow 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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in nine cases bad stoking and/or wrong fuel was the cause of the
nuisances. The persons responsible carried out all suggestions
made to abate the nuisances.

Premises and Occupations which can be Controlled by Bye-Laws or Regulations.— The number of Offensive Trades in the area was:—

Fish Curers28
Fish Friers44
Rag and Bone Dealers8

Tents, Vans, Sheds, etc.— There are four areas in Higham
Hill Ward where numerous van dwellers have congregated and
to which the Byelaws apply.
In addition, certain areas of land are used periodically by
showmen as Fair Grounds, and at such times the Byelaws are put
into operation in respect thereof.
The "permanent" caravan sites have been repeatedly
Schools.— The sanitary condition of schools is more fully
discussed in the School Medical Officer's Report. A detailed
sanitary survey is made of each school by the School Medical
Inspector at the conclusion of Medical Inspection. Recommendations
are sent to the Director of Education.
The School Medical Officer's Report gives a detailed account
of the sanitary improvements effected during 1933.
The Rag Flock Acts, 1911 and 1928.— There are no
known premises in the Borough on which rag flock is manufactured
or sold.
(a) Statistics.
The particulars of new houses erected during 1933 are given in
the form prescribed for previous years.

The following are the figures supplied by the Engineer and Surveyor:—

Number of New Houses erected during the year:
(a) Total (including numbers given separately under (b):—
(i) By the Local Authority84
(ii) By other AuthoritiesNil.
(iii) By other bodies or persons494