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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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The following shows the position regarding registrations under the


Number on register at 31.12.6075
Number registered during 196173
Number removed from register during 196113
Number on register at31.12.61135
Number of children provided for at 31.12.6140328

The premises referred to in (a) above as removed from the register,
were closed by the person in charge as she no longer wished to receive
children therein.
The 3 child-minders whose names were removed from the register
(see (b) above)no longer wished to act in that capacity.
Manford Way, Health Services Clinic. — The Family Planning Association
continued to use these clinic premises throughout 1961 for their
sessions on every Monday evening, a charge being made to them to cover
the cost of heating, lighting, cleaning and caretaking.
INFANT WELFARE CENTRES. - 90 voluntary lady helpers were
engaged in the work at the infant welfare centres at the end of December,
1961. During the year a letter was sent to each voluntary helper advising
her that all persons working amongst young children should, as a precautionary
measure, have an annual chest X-ray and inviting her to attend
the Mass X-ray Unit at the Thompson Rooms, Ilford. The response was
In view of the heavy attendances at the Wednesday afternoon centres
at the Kenwood Gardens and Heathcote Avenue Clinics, an additional
session was arranged at each of these premises, viz. on Friday mornings
at the Kenwood Gardens Clinic, commencing on the 6th January, 1961, and
on Wednesday mornings at the Heathcote Avenue Clinic, as from the 28th
June, 1961.
During the year 1961 the following attendances were recorded:-