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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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(d) The following is a table showing the attendances, etc., at the day nurseries during 1961:-

SituationAccommodation (Children)Average daily attendance daring 1961No. of days "In Quarantine"Reasons for "Quarantine" with Number of CasesNo. on Waiting List at 31st Dec. 1961
Chicken PoxMumpsMeasles
Goodmayes Lane, Goodmayes50435412513
(Opened 14.11.51 -replaced Green Lane Nnrsery, open from 5.5.43 to 9.11.51)
226-236, Ley Street, Ilford504010161618
(Opened 16.8.43)

This Act requires, inter alia, that every local health authority shall keep
registers -
(a) of premises in their area, other than premises wholly or mainly
used as private dwellings, where children are received to be
looked after for the day or a substantial part thereof or for any
longer period not exceeding six days;
(b) of persons in their area who for reward receive into their homes
children under the age of five to be looked after as aforesaid.
Certain conditions are laid down to safeguard the welfare of the
children received and one of the most recently introduced requirements,
as part of the precautions against exposure to infectious diseases, is that
all persons to be engaged in caring for the children concerned shall have
satisfactorily passed, within the two preceding years, an X-ray examination
of the chest and shall thereafter submit themselves annually to such
examination. All persons already on the registers were invited to take
similar action, so far as concerned themselves and any persons engaged
by them to care for the children, and all agreed to comply.
The following shows the position regarding registrations under the