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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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Of the 11 babies born at home:-
7 were nursed entirely at home;
4 were transferred to hospital;
1 died at the age of three days (in hospital);
10 survived at the end of one month.
Of the 71 babies bom in hospital:3
died during the first 24 hours;
2 died between the ages of one day and one month;
66 survived at the end of one month (including 12 where the
home address was outside Ilford).
The baby bom in the garage survived at the end of one month.
In addition, 49 notifications were received of births outside the
district where the ordinary residence of the parents was in Ilford and the
weight of the infant at birth was 5½ lb. or less. Of these there were:-
9 who died within the first 24 hours (in hospital);
40 who survived at the end of one month.
INFANT MORTALITY. — The number of infants dying within the
first year of life was 40, the total number bom being 2,533. The latter
figure is supplied by the Registrar-General for calculating infant and
maternal mortality rates. The infant mortality, or rate of deaths per 1,000
live births, was therefore 15.8.
The following table gives the deaths of infants under one year of
age, classified according to age:-