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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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Notifications and Deaths from Tuberculosis of Ilford residents during 1961:-

Age PeriodsNew CasesDeaths
Under 1 year--------
1-5 years11-1----
25 - 45151022-1--
Over 7541------
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Of the foregoing new cases, the following were notified from Institutions in the district: -

Hespiratory TuberculosisNon-Respiratory Tuberculosis
King George Hospital--
Goodmayes Hospital6-
Chadwell Heath Hospital--
Claybury Hospital2-
Dr. Barnardo's Village Homes--
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Of the 13 deaths which occurred of Ilford residents, notification had previously been made of 11 of the cases. In the other cases the presence of tuberculosis was discovered as a result of post-mortem.

Number of cases on register, 1st January, 19611,4191551,574
Number of cases entered on the register during the year15712169
Number of cases removed from the register during the year
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Recovered 75 7
Deceased 35 -
Left District 79 13
Lost sight of 9 1
Diagnosis not established - -
198 21 219
umber of cases remaining on register on
31st December, 1961 1,378 146 1,524

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