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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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The following figures show the number of cases of Ophthalmia
Neonatorum notified during the past fiveyears: 1957, 6; 1958, 1; 1959, nil;
1960, 6; 1961, nil.
(e) Enteric Fever (Typhoid and Para-Typhoid). — One case occurred
in 1961. — A male, aged 48. The patient had returned from a continental
visit just prior to the onset and it is probable that infection occurred
(f) Acute Poliomyelitis. — No cases occurred in 1961.
(g) Acute Encephalitis. — No cases occurred in 1961.
(h) Meningococcal Infection. — No cases occurred in 1961.
(i) Pneumonia — Influenzal and Primary. — The number of cases
which occurred during 1961 was 106 compared with 92 in 1960.
(j) Tuberculosis. — During 1961 there were 80 new notifications
of Pulmonary Tuberculosis and 9 of other forms of Tuberculosis. In
addition 77 pulmonary and 3 non-pulmonary cases were transferred to
the district.

The population of Ilford has not varied greatly during the past five years and the number of cases added to the register has also shown little change as the following figures show:-

yearPopulationNo. of Persons added to list (all forms)Deaths (all forms)No. of Persons on register 31stDecember