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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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III. Treatment
The treatments issued or prescribed are
listed below:-
(1) Long-acting (bonded) Dexamphetamine-"Dexten"
(supplied by arrangement with As pro-Nicholas
Ltd. ,)-5mgms. at bedtime.
(2) Plain dexamphetamine-5mgms. at bedtime.
(3) Phenobarbitone gr. ½ or ¼
(4) Routine and charting only.
(5) The Sentinel or Downs bedbuzzer (There are now
17 of these machines in use through the Clinic).
(6) "Librium"mgms. v c.m. or b.d.
A considerable measure of success has followed
the use of this tranquillising drug, which must
of course be given only under strict supervision
the Librium has been issued by co-operation with
the patient's general practitioner.

IV. Results

A number of cases have been discharged cured during the year, as follows:-

Discharged curedBoysGirls
Under 5 years22
Over 5 years2214

This number includes a few children who were first seen in 1960, and who were still receiving treatment in 1961.

Under 5 years21
Over 5 years2010

Attendances at the clinic have been good,
and both mother and child have shown sustained
A paper has recently been completed on the
subject of pre-waking enuresis and analysing the