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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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mornings. The number of sessions held this year
had, of necessity, to be reduced from 35 to 22, and
therefore the number of new cases seen was unavoidably
lower-being 55 seen during the 12 months, as
compared with 89 during 1960.

I. Appointment List

The 55 cases seen throughout the year were made up as follows:-

Recommended byUnder 5 yearsOver 5 years
Infant Welfare Officers68--
School Medical Officers--177
General Practitioners1-7-
Health Visitors21--

Total: 55 Cases.
Total attendances (old and new cases): 280
Number of sessions: 22.
II. Procedure
The procedure adopted in previous years
has been largely adhered to, namely:-
(1) Urinalysis
(2) History of enuresis and of previous illnesses.
(3) Physical examination.
(4) Treatment.
Time spent in explaining to the child, an
interesting charting system, a strict routine and
various other suggestions always proves most valuable
in that the child's interest is held, and the mother
acts upon the instructions more faithfully. Problems
such as over crowding, housing difficulties and emotional
instability in either parent or child, are commonly
met with and should of course be considered
carefully in relation to the treatment being adopted.