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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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During 1961 clinics were held at the Maternity Hospital weekly, at Mayesbrook Clinic fortnightly, and at Manford Way Clinic monthly. The following attendances were recorded:-

Maternity HospitalMayesbrook ClinicManford Way Clinic
First attendances75422182
Subsequent attendances143797
Number of sessions522712
Average attendance at each session17117
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CONSULTANT CLINIC. — There were two Consulting Obstetricians
in 1961 who each held a weekly clinic for ante-natal and post-natal cases.
During the year 104 sessions were held and a total of 2,044 examinations
were made.
MATERNAL MORTALITY. — During 1961 there was one death of
an Ilford mother recorded by the Registrar-General as due to or in consequence
of pregnancy or childbirth; this occurred in hospital.
DOMESTIC HELP SERVICE. - During 1961 the heavy demand for
this service continued. The service was controlled by two full-time
organisers, under the general direction of the Area Medical Officer, and
at the end of the year there were 3 full-time, 126 regularly-employed parttime
and 13 casual helps employed. Although every effort is made to
accelerate recruitment of domestic helps, including periodic advertising of
vacancies in the local press, it has not been possible to engage a sufficient
number to provide all the service required, but the organisers ensure
that the helps available are employed to the best possible advantage to
give some assistance to every case requiring it; this can only be achieved
by allocating most of the helps to two or three cases in a day.
The following is a summary of the cases dealt with in 1961:-
Number of applications received for assistance
Number of cases where domestic helps were
provided (including 854 who were having
service at the commencement of the year) 2,059
Number of cases which on investigation were
either not eligible for assistance or did not
require the service 142
Cases booked but subsequently cancelled 98

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