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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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ANTE-NATAL CLINICS. — The following is a summary of the attendance at the ante-natal clinics during 1961 for patients booked for confinement in hospital:-

Mater nity HospitalMayesbrook ClinicManford Way Clinic
First attendances908-246125
Subsequent attendances3,9083,4032,316889
Number of sessions304256*12854
Average attendance at each session16132019
*Includes 205 running concurrently with doctors' clinics.

All patients booked for admission to the Maternity Hospital are
medically examined at the ante-natal clinics. The first examination takes
place at the 10th week of pregnancy, or as soon as possible after that time
if the booking for hospital admission is not made until after the 10th week.
Further, arrangements are made for all hospital booked patients to see the
Obstetric Registrar at either the Ilford Maternity Hospital or the Mayesbrook
Ante-Natal Clinic at about the 35th week of pregnancy.
In conjunction with the ante-natal clinics at the Manford Way and
Mayesbrook Clinics the Health Visitors hold classes for relaxation exercises.
During 1961 there were 96 sessions at the Mayesbrook Clinic,
with 603 attendances, and 97 sessions at Manford Way Clinic, with 656
attendances. A weekly session was also run by Health Visitors at Kenwood
Gardens Clinic, 44 sessions being held in the year, with 312 attendances,
and at Heathcote Avenue Clinic there were 45 sessions, with 365 attendances.
At Cecil Hall the Health Visitors commenced a weekly class in
June and held a total of 16 sessions during 1961, with 88 attendances.
Relaxation exercises classes are in addition held by the staff of the
Ilford Maternity Hospital for patients attending the ante-natal clinic there.
POST-NATAL CLINICS. - All patients confined in the Ilford Maternity
Hospital and other patients on request are invited to attend a postnatal
clinic for the first time approximately six weeks after confinement.
During 1961 clinics were held at the Maternity Hospital weekly, at
Mayesbrook Clinic fortnightly, and at Manford Way Clinic monthly. The
following attendances were recorded:-