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Ilford 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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Provision of Meals and Milk for School-children.— The provision of
meals in the schools commenced on 7th October, 1940. The total number
of mid-day meals served during 1956 was 2,231,776 approximately.
There are 25 kitchens in the Borough, established at the following
Barking Abbey, Barley Lane. Beal, Becontree C.P. Unit. Benton.
Caterham, County High Boys, County High Girls, Cleveland,
Dane, Fairlop, Goodmayes, Gordon, Loxford, Mayfield Boys,
Mayfleld Girls, Mossford Green, Newbury Park, Parkhill,
Kedbndge, The Gilbert Colvin, The Glade, The John Bramston,
Uphall and Wm. Torbitt.
As from 6th August, 1946. milk in school has been supplied free of
charge in accordance with the Provision of Free Milk Regulations, 1946.
In October 1956, 19,464 children were receiving milk in school.
Work done by the N.S.P.C.C.—The following 47 cases were
investigated: —
(1) Neglect 26
(2) Ill-treatment cases 11
(3) Other cases 10
(Seven cases were reported from the Public Health Department;
40 were reported from other sources for general neglect).
105 children (52 boys and 53 girls) were involved, 66 being of school
age. In addition to this work, 222 supervision visits were paid to different
cases, some of which were made to those reported during the previous year.
The Invalid Children's Aid Association.—
Number of Ilford school children:—
Sent to Recuperation Holiday Homes (voluntary funds) 15
Loaned television set„ „ 1
Loaned invalid chair „ „ 1
Loaned tricycle „ „ 1
Supplied with clothing „ „ 1
Boy from Benton School sent to Austria for holiday; cost shared
by parent and Voluntary Society.
Visits to homes at the request of hospitals and voluntary
societies, 29.
Numerous escorts provided to London or to Convalescent Homes
by Voluntary Workers
The placing of children for recuperative holidays is now done by the
Borough Education Officer and in 1956, 37 children were sent.
Handicapped Children.
Section 33 of the Education Act, 1944, and the regulations made thereunder
have placed on the Local Education Authorities new responsibilities
for the provision of suitable education of children suffering from disability
of mind or body.
A record of all such children is revised annually from returns submitted
by all Head Teachers, and any new cases attending local maintained
schools are reported to me with a view to medical examination and ascertainment
of their suitability or otherwise of attendance at an ordinary
The several categories of pupils requiring special educational treatment
as defined in the Handicapped Pupils (Certificate) Regulations, 1953,
came into operation on 16th December, 1953.