London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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The Law and Parliamentary Committee.16 Members.

Mr. H. BarnesMr. J. Bird
,, B. Cooper„ F. Higgs
„ E. Gray,, G. C. Hudson
„ W. Griffin„ G. A. Hyem
„ C. W. Munslow„ W. T. Pepper
„ H. C. Symons„ R. Rees
„ W. Wilkins„ E. Rossiter
F. Rummins
„ S. Squires

All the above Committees, with the exception of the Law
and Parliamentary Committee, which meets as occasion requires,
meet twice a month except August. An epitome of the duties
of such Committees is set out as an appendix to this Report.
(No. II.)
keys of case
the Common
At the meeting held on the 22nd May, Messrs.
A. Bridge, and W. Hammond were re-appointed by
the Vestry to hold two of the duplicate keys of the
case containing the Common Seal of the Vestry
during the ensuing year, and Mr. Overseer W. Davies was
appointed to take charge of the third key held by Mr. E. Wood,
J.P., during the past year, and relinquished by that gentleman
upon his retirement from the Vestry.
of the
The Vestry have found it necessary to hold 44
Ordinary and Special Meetings during the year, in
order to cope with the multitudinous matters coming under their
jurisdiction, and a table, shewing the attendances of Members
at these meetings, and also at meetings of the Committees of
the Vestry, is inserted as an appendix to this report. (No. I.)
The Works
and General
The Works and General Purposes Committee, at
their 26 meetings held during the year, have considered
and submitted recommendations upon a large
number of very important subjects, including many matters
specially referred to them by the Vestry. The extent of the
business transacted by this Committee may be gauged by their