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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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high proportions of total mineral matter and of silica and sand,
Total Mineral Matter Silica and Sand
per cent. per cent.
13.3 77
8.8 3.8
25. Genuine Commercial Black Pepper should not yield more
than 5 to 5.5 per cent. of total mineral matter. Any sample
yielding more than 7 per cent. is regarded as adulterated. An
allowance of 1.5 to 2 per cent. is therefore made over and above
the amount known to be yielded by Genuine Black Pepper.
26. The three samples reported as "Inferior" contained
unduly high proportions of total mineral matter, but having
regard to the above.mentioned limits, were not certified as
27. As shown by Table II. the samples of Bread, Flour, White
Pepper and Cayenne Pepper were all reported as Genuine.
28. Prosecutions were instituted by your Vestry against the
vendors in all the more serious cases of adulteration, and in the
other cases cautions were addressed to the persons concerned.
I have been furnished with a return of the results which were
obtained in the cases where legal action was taken, and for the
sake of convenience they have been included in my Quarterly
Reports to your Vestry, and are now embodied in the following
Table (VI.), together with the cases where it was considered
sufficient, for the present, to warn the Vendors.

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