London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Other From these classes 871 were returned 123 being
causes of
death than from bronchitis, 74 pneumonia, laryngitis 7, asthma 3
and pleurisy 4—in all, 211 from disease of the
respiratory organs.
Of the constitutional diseases there were 224 deaths, 99
being from phthisis, atrophy 45, cancer 30, and other diseases
From diseases of the digestive organs 60 were returned, 25
males and 35 females—21 being under 1, 33 under 20 years of
age, and 31, 20 and upwards.
The deaths of infants from premature birth were 98. These
are more numerous than last year and augment the number of
deaths, and add more than one per 1,000 to the death rate.
The following table contrasts all deaths from non-zymotic
causes during the past ten years.


Tubercular, including Phthisis196210198255266239237205160170
Of Brain, Nerves, &c.117147173168170178169159116112
Of the Heart, &c.7294838595108104916662
Of the Respiratory Organs, excluding Phthisis215266272318248327316302246211
Of Digestive Organs47595968635269667660
Of Urinary Organs15262632193021361627
Of Organs of Generation91414111216111438
Of Joints, Bones, &c.3151219125182993
Of Cancer22212533173133332430
Premature Birth, Low Vitality, Malformation, &c.703778303355611007998
Of Uncertain Seat & other Diseases36272713392924301024
Violence ...23403020392935261927

Of the 871 deaths, 412 were those of males and 459 of