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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Infirmary The deaths in the Infirmary numbered 260, of
which 73 belonged to West Battersea, leaving 196 to
be distributed amongst the other parishes forming the Union—
five also occurred in the Bolingbroke Hospital whose previous
residence was in no wise connected with the parish.
Mortality The deaths from this class of disease were 217, of
Zymotic or which 112 were males and 105 females; this total
Diseases. gives an excess of those of the previous year of 37.
This excess is entirely due to summer diarrhoea, and accounts
for the increase of this class of disease, and also the decimal in
the general death rate—the greatest fatality was from Diarrhoea
Measles and Whooping Cough, whilst other diseases remain
about the normal average.
Of the total number 95 were under one, 96 from one to
five years of age, whilst from 20 and upwards but 26 were
returned, thus conclusively showing, as in previous years, the
age most susceptible to this class of disease.
In reference to the deaths from Diarrhoea which were 74
out of the total, 55 were under one year of age, 14 from one to
five, and five from 20 and upwards.
The following table gives all deaths from Zymotic causes
during the past ten years also the death-rate.


Zymotic Mortality in the West Battersea Sub-district.

Scarlet Fever30253526145550123
Enteric Fever101014122091314510
Whooping Cough23314746467442546155
Epidemic Diarrhoea61533964826370763974
Other Zymotic Diseases.11162416341772179
Total Deaths from Zymotic Diseases146198194218251234166256180217
Zymotic Death Rate2.
Death-rate from all Diseases16.819.018.018.618.819.818.118. 916.416.7