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Kingston upon Thames 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kingston-upon-Thames]

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of the School Medical Officer
May, 1938.
To the Chairman and Members of the Education Committee
of the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-
Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have the honour to submit the Annual Report for
the year 1937.
With the exception of the work done during the month
of December, the Report refers to the work carried out
by Dr. Matthews and Dr. Olive Aubrey.
The form of the report is almost identical with that
for 1936.
The average number of children on the school register
for the year was 3,817.
In addition there were 39 children on the books of
the Special Open Air School at the end of the year.
Medical Inspection, orthopaedic, eye, nose and throat,
and dental work were carried out on the same lines as
The special class for speech defects was continued with
satisfactory results.
The scheme for the provision of milk in schools was
carried on during school terms and resulted in 61% of
the school population taking milk at school compared with
60% in 1936 and 20% before the scheme operated.
Dr. Matthews resigned the office of School Medical
Officer as from 31st August 1937.
Dr. Olive Aubrey was appointed Acting School Medical
Officer as from 1st September, 1937, and served the Council
as such till 30th November, 1937. On 1st December 1937,
I became School Medical Officer,

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