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Kingston upon Thames 1927

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kingston-upon-Thames]

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Owing to the increase in the number of notified cases
of infectious disease, there was nearly double the number
of articles passed through the steam disinfector during 1927
compared with 1926, the figures being 2,545 and 1,304
respectively. No less than 270 rooms in 226 houses were
sprayed and fumigated with formalin.
In addition to disinfection after notifiable infectious
diseases, articles are also collected for steam disinfection,
and rooms are disinfected on request. A charge is made
in such cases sufficient to cover the cost of the work. This
arrangement is much appreciated by the public.
The Council also possess a motor ambulance, which is
constructed for the dual purpose of removing patients to
hospital and for the conveying of bedding, etc., to and from
the disinfecting station.
Eleven patients were conveyed in this ambulance last
Factories, Workshops and Workplaces.
Fifteen visits were made to Factories and Workshops,
etc. Other details with respect to these premises are
contained in Tables on pages 20 and 21.
There are nine "Outworkers" resident in the Borough,
and the premises so used were inspected periodically.
Stables and Yards.
An improvement generally may be reported in the
condition of stables and yards in the town. For the past
few years a campaign has been directed against unsuitable
stables and the absence of, or defective condition of, manure
receptacles. This work is more important than it may
appear to be at first glance, as there is a very definite
relation between the breeding of flies and the storage of
The reduction in the number of horses in towns has
had a decided effect in reducing the number of flies.
Sanitary Conditions of Music Halls,
Cinemas, &c.
Only three formal inspections were made of the above
premises during the year under review. The sanitary
conveniences are usually maintained in good order, but no
visits were made during the performances in connection
with the ventilation of the premises.

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