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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(e) Legal Proceedings. It was necessary to resort to legal proceedings in the following instances:-

Public Health Act 1936 - Section 9494
Food & Drugs Act 1938 - Section 31
Rag Flock Act 19111
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It was necessary to caution shop keepers on some 189 occasions
for serving customers after hours. Most of these contraventions
occurred during the "Winter Hours of Closing" periods The demand for
the late night to be on Friday, particularly in regard to food shops,
appears to be justified. In response to local demands the Council
changed the "late" night from Saturday to Friday during the winter
months in respect of the trades of (a) Hairdressers and Barbers (b)
Fruiterers and Greengrocers.
(l) Pharmacy & Poisons Act 1933= The number of persons in the Council's
list entitled to sell poisons included in Part II of the Poisons List
was 186 (157 renewals and 29 new applications,,) 307 inspections were
made in the enforcement of this Act.
(m) Explosives Act 1875. 123 licences (88 renewals and 35 new applications)
were issued for the storage of mixed explosives (fireworks).
Inspections of premises used for this purpose totalled 146,
(n) Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs Act 1926. 10 samples of fertilisers
and 3 of feeding stuffs were taken during the year. Only 2 samples
of fertilisers were reported lay the Council's Agricultural Analyst
to be unsatisfactory. Analysis showed a deficiency of phosphoric
acid in each case. The vendors were cautioned.
The significance of the particulars required in statutory
statements is generally appreciated by both vendors and the public
but unfortunately rarely understood by either.
(o) Rag Flock Act 1911. 5 samples of rag flock were submitted to the
Analyst during the year. One sample failed to conform to the
Regulations. This contained 140 parts of chlorine per 100,000
parts of flock. The vendor of this sample was prosecuted.
Survey of premises for the Housing Department was continued and
during the year 1,311 premises were visited and reports submitted to that
Department on the housing circumstances of applicants for rehousing.
Housing Statistics.
I. Inspection of dwelling houses during the year
(1) (a) Total number of dwelling-houses inspected for
defects (under Public Health or Housing Acts) 11,023
(b) Number of inspections made for the purpose 33,465
(2) (a) Number of dwelling-houses (included under
subhead (1) above) which were inspected and
recorded under the Housing Consolidation
Regulations, 1925 115

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