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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(f) Drainage. Complaints of choked or defective drains were received in
respect of 674 premises. Wherever possible the removal of obstructions
was effected by the Council's drain cleaner. Examinations and
tests of house drainage were made in 285 instances.
Arising from the number of urgent requests at weekends for
the services of the drain cleaner to attend to obstructed drains, the
Council, as and from the 1st April, arranged to meet this demand, the
necessity for such emergency arrangements so far, appears to be
(g) Factories, Workplaces and Outworkers, During the year 888 inspections
were made of such premises, a considerable increase over the figures
recorded for last year. Conditions generally continue to improve.
The number of outworkers in the Borough showed a marked
decrease. The majority of them were engaged in the manufacture of
fancy goods.
(h) Mosquito Control, Systematic treatment of the ditches and low lying
land in the Borough was continued. Fewer complaints were received
of nuisances arising from the presence of mosquitoes or flies. Apart
from the effectiveness of any treatment carried out, it would appear
that the weather generally was less favourable for their propagation
and consequent nuisance effect,
(i) Places of Public Entertainment. Frequent periodic inspections were
made of these premises, and special attention given to the cinemas.
Adverse reports upon the sanitary conditions prevailing, or failure
to conform to the Council's Regulations were almost negligible.
The difficulty of maintaining such places in a state of
reasonable cleanliness is now much greater than in pre-war days.
The amount of rubbish in the form of peanut shells, orange peel and
ice-cream cartons deposited by the public, where they sit or stand,
is a serious reflect ion upon the habits and conduct of many of the
patrons of these and other public places.
(j) Rent and Mortgage Interest Restrictions Acts 1920 - 1939. Applications
for certificates in respect of the sanitary condition of houses
totalled 30. the number of certificates issued was 21. In the
remaining 9 instances the existing defects were remedied in consequence
of informal action taken by the Department and no certificate was

During the year as a result of the surveys and Inspections carried out, the Medical Officer of Health made official representations in respect of the following four areas

C.P.O.Telham Road and Mountifeld Road94110370
C.P.O.Vicarage Lane (part of)6416
C.P.O.Wakefield Street (No. 1)9717
C.P.O.„ „ (No. 2)6721
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