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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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In addition, the parents of 3 schoolchildren received financial
aid in the provision of clothing before admission to convalescent homes.
During the year under review, the Council accepted financial
responsibility for after-care treatment for ex-mental patients in After
Care Homes, as follows:-
Four patients were admitted to or already in homes belonging
to the Mental After-Care Association, for varying periods - 1 was
resident for the whole of year, 1 for 5 months, 1 for 3 months, and 1 for
6 weeks.
This club continues its excellent work under the aegis of medical
staff from Runwell Hospital, who select the members from ex-patients, and
out-patients of the East Ham Memorial Hospital Psychiatric Clinic.
The activities of this club so closely lntermesh true therapeutic
measures and after-care that it is almost, impossible to decide what part of
the financial burden of its costs should properly be borne by the Councils
Whatever decision is reached, the club must go on so that this opportunity
for social rehabilitation is not lost to the members, many of whom regain
their self confidence and find in the club activities a portal of re-entry
to normal community living.
SECTIONS 28 and 51
The plans for the provision of a second occupation centre for
mental defectives remain as detailed on page 54 of the report for 1949,
The centre in use is overcrowded and the work is hampered by
difficulty in segregating for instructional purposes the very young from
the adult defectives. This problem is becoming more urgent and measures
must be sought to train these unfortunate children so that they do not
form an intolerable burden to family life.
All guardianship cases are supervised either directly or
indirectly by the Authority.
No. on register on 1/1/50 17
No. admitted to institutions 1
No. of orders discharged by Board of Control 3
No. on register on 1/1/51 13
+ No. visited by members of Mental Health Committee 8
/ No. „ „ Medical Officer of Health 5
No, supervised on 31/12/50 by National Association for
Mental Health 1
+ Outisde area
/ Inside area


Name of HomeChildren 0-5 yearsSchool-ChildrenAdultsTotal
Children's Conv, Home, Beaconsfield-6-----6
Webbery „ „ Bideford---3---3
Surrey „ „ Bognor Regis--63--63
The House Beautiful, Bournemouth--22--22
St. Joseph's Home, Bournemouth----3131
Cliffe Combe, Broadstairs--1710--1710
"Broadlands", Broadstairs--4---4-
St. Michael's Convent, Clacton-on-Sea---12-12-24
All Saints Conv. Home, Eastbourne----2222
Princess Christian Home, Englefield Green--5---5-
Children's Seaside Home, Exmouth---8---8
St. Mary's Home, Haslemere---8---8
Home for Invalid Children, Hove--1114--1114
Hunstanton Convalescent Home--19--2192
Tapley Court, Instow12-1--13
"Batesholme", Heme Bay--12--12
Beach Court, Lancing14----14
Sunbeam Home, Lancing91368--1521
Belgrave House, Littlehampton--3---3-
Bunce Court, Ottenden--22--22
Myrtle Grove House, Patching--4---4-
Brabazon House, Redhill---3---3
Andrew Duncan House, Shiplake-on-Thames--3---3-
Bannow Home for the Blind, St. Leonardson-Sea----2-2-
Quarry House Conv. Home, „ „ „----8-8-
Stamford Hill Cripples Home, Thorpe Bay1-25--35
Samuel Lewis Home, Walton-on-Naze---1414
/ Other Homes731224112316
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