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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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No. of vehicles at 31st December 1950Total No, of journeys during the yearTotal No. of patients carried during the yearNo. of accident and other emergency journeys Included in total No. of journeys during the yearTotal mileage during the yearNo. of paid whole- time staff at 31/12/50
Directly pro- vided by CouncilAmbulances Cars6+8,06916,81384986,72429
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+ approximately 6 months
NOTE:- The above figures do not include calls from East Ham to Essex
and West Ham.
Loan Cupboards.
The loan of articles from the cupboards to aid in the nursing of
sick persons In the home continues to be a great boon. The service must
not end with the issue of a piece of equipment. We must ensure that the
article or apparatus is properly used and does in fact make a contribution
to sick nursing.
The Superintendent Nursing Officer has played an invaluable part
in assisting sick persons, especially old people, in their homes to make
the fullest use of equipment loaned, and in advising when it is no longer
of benefit.
The loan cupboards which functioned from 1/1/50, are sited at the
following places:-
1. East Ham District Nursing Association, Shrewsbury Road, E.7.
2. Town Hall Annexe.
3. East Ham Chest Clinic.
4. Church Road Clinic.
A central register is kept for all articles loaned from cupboards
2-3-4 and in addition the Superintendent Health Visitor is
responsible for a small additional cupboard in the Town Hall Annexe in
respect of premature baby outfits,,
The following table shews the number of occasions articles
were issued from 3 of these cupboards during the year 1950

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