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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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There were no cases specially reported during the period under
review of:-
(a) Generalised vaccinia,,
(b) Post-vaccinal encephalomyelitis.
(c) Death from complications of vaccination other than (a)
and (b).
An appeal was made in the last annual report, urging vaccination
as a moral obligation on all burgesses in East Ham. There was a slight
response, but it is obvious that the vaccinal state of the whole community
is declining to a perilously low level.
We live in a riparian borough adjacent to great docks where
ocean-going ships tie up from the four corners of the earth. Heroic last
minute efforts to limit the spread of "imported" small pox will not
suffice, and one death would shame us in the neglect of our duty to ensure
100% vaccinal state in our people.
Parents are again asked to have their children vaccinated
against small pox, and to ensure that they themselves are adequately
protected. Your family doctor will gladly advise and help you.
Although plans for the new ambulance station have been agreed by
the Ministry, difficulties with steel allocation are holding up progress,
and it is extremely disappointing to see personnel working under such bad
conditions and valuable vehicles parked in the open.
Two new 2-stretcher ambulances have been received to replace old
worn out vehicles, and a highly efficient fleet is gradually being built
Study of working conditions lead to the conclusion that the
staff composed of drivers and attendants is not ideal for operational
efficiency. It would appear that female attendants are not best
suited to lifting loaded stretchers, and the interchange of drivers
and attendants would be far more economical and prevent wastage of
crews. The possible reconstitution of the staff will be studied carefully
with a view to obtaining higher efficiency without uneconomical
increase of staff.


No. of children who completed a full course of primary immunisation (including temporary residents)Total number of children who were given a secondary or re-inforcing injection (i„e„ subsequent to complete full course)
Age at date of final injection
Under 55-14Total
Six months ending 30/6/508256789284
„ „ „ 31/12/506285968752
Of the above totals number of children Immunised by:-
(a) Council staff835100935122
(b) General practitioners6182664414
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