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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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The work, has increased almost threefold, mainly due to the calls
on the nurses by general practitioners, who are hard pressed to treat in
their own homes many persons who could properly be hospitalised.
Additional staff have been recruited under the direction of the resident
Matron, Miss W.A. Evans, whilst our Superintendent Nursing Officer,
Miss B.M.A, Newman Pilkington, will ensure the best deployment of the
service in co-ordination with the other nursing services of the Council,
A nucleus of resident nurses would appear to be essential to
the smooth running of the service but with shortages and the difficulty
of recruitment, part-time staff will play an increasing part in this
nursing field, and continued vigilance must ensure that the valuable
time of the nurses is not dissipated on tasks which could well be
carried out by relatives and friends. For here also it is not our
aim to replace family effort but to augment it in those households
where sickness or injury threaten to overwhelm the family.



Domicllary Midwives employed directly by CouncilDaniclliary Midwives employed under Sec. 23 by voluntary organlsa-aioru as agents of CouncilDomiciliary Midwives employed under Sec. 23 by hospital authorities as agents of CouncilDomiciliary Midwives in private practiceTotal
No. of domiciliary midwives practising in the area at 31/12/50, who were qualified to administer gas and air analgesia in accordance with the requirements of the C.M.Board529117
No. of sets of apparatus in use by domiciliary midwives employed in the Authority's service at 31/12/50.423-9
No. of cases in which gas and air was administered by domiciliary midwives during the period 1/1/50 to 31/12/50:-
(a) when acting as a midwife155-92-247
(b) when acting as a maternity nurse7-42-49
East Ham Memorial HospitalAldersbrook Hospital
No. of midwives qualified on 31/12/50 to administer gas and air analgesia46
No. of sets of apparatus used by the above as on 31/12/5012
No. of cases in which gas and air analgesia was administered during the year 1950:-
(a) when acting as a midwife277386
(b) when acting as a maternity nurse-3
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