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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Four newly trained Health Visitors have been absorbed in our
staff to bring to bear the most modern teaching on the problems of mental
health in relation to maternity and child care, the life of childhood, and
the family as a unit of socialization.
Routine tasks of lesser importance are being allocated to staff
with more limited training, and the work of health education and prevention
of illness is being concentrated in these fully trained Health Visitors
whose wider knowledge of the problem better fits them for the job. The
Superlntendent Health Visitor in her wisdom does not overload her staff
with one track assignments,, but varies the work to turn all facets of
family life towards the Health Visitor who thus can give full scope to
her opportunities for health teaching.
In the person of the Health Visitor the strongest single link
can be forged to bind the Local Authority, the Hospitals, and the General
Practitioner Service into a unified instrument to shape our effort in the
prevention of illness.


Number of maternity cases in the area attended by Midwives during the year ended 31/12/50
Domiciliary CasesCases in Institutions.Total
As Mid-wives.As Maternity Nurses.As Mid-wives.As Maternity Nurses.As Mid- wives.As Maternity Nurses.
Midwives employed by the Authority25616--25616
Midwives employed by Voluntary Organisations
(a) under arrangements with Council in pursuance of Section 23 of the N.H.S. Act ..72--72
(b) otherwise (including hospitals not transferred to the Minister under the N.H.S. Act)------
Midwives employed by Hospital Management Committees or Boards of Governors under the N.H.S. Act16155/336/54497109
Midwives in private practice3---3-
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+ Includes Superintendent Health Visitor.
The negotiations commented upon in the last annual report have
now come to fruition and "Ascot Lodge" and the adjacent property,
"Charnwood", have been acquired by the Council for use as headquarters and
Nurses Home for the staff of the District Nursing Service.
Agreement has been reached with the East Ham District Nursing
Association and the service will be operated under a joint committee of the
Council and District Nursing Association representatives, whilst the
inspectorate of the Queen's Institute of District Nursing will continue as

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