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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(ii) All houses in the area have water services laid on from the
Metropolitan Water Board's mains. No bacteriological or
chemical analyses were made by this Authority of the raw
water going into supply.
(ill) The water supply of this district from the Metropolitan Water
Board does not give rise to plumbo-solvent action.
(iv) there were no contamination areas.
No slaughterhouse was in use in the Borough daring the year.
Derails of the work, carried out in the inspection of premises, stalls and
vehicles used for the storage, preparation and sale of food, including
ice-cream, are included in the report of the Chief Sanitary Inspector.
In accordance with Ministry of Health Circular 46/49, the
following information was supplied

(1) Food Poisoning Notifications (Corrected) Return to Registrar-General 8-

lst QuarterNil
2nd QuarterNil
3rd Quarter5
4th QuarterNil
match: ALTO ComposedBlock
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(2) Outbreaks due to identified agents
There were no outbreaks during the year.
(3) Outbreaks of undiscovered cause
There were no outbreaks during the year.

(4) Single cases :-

Agent identified3
match: ALTO ComposedBlock
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The Council has agreed to the formation of a Clean Food Guild,
and arrangements are in hand to put the scheme into operation during the
forthcoming year.
FACTORIES ACTS, 1937 and 1948.
In accordance with the Factories Act, 1937, and at the
request of the Minister of Labour and National Service, the following
information is Included in this report. (See Table 12).

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