London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Table 30.


Number of Children at 31st December, 1949, who had completed a course of Immunisation at any time before that date ( any time since 1st January, 1935)

Age at 31/12/49 i.e. Born in YearUnder 1 19491 19482 19473 19464 19455 to 9 1940-194410 to 14 1935-1939Total under 15
No. Immunised891,2031,7231,6251,0515,1744,47515,340
Estimated midyear child population 1949Children under fiveChildren 5—14


Age at 31/12/49, i.e. born in years.No. of persons vaccinated or re-vaccinated during 1949.Total
Under 1 19491—4 1945 to 19485—14 1935 to 194415 or over before 1935
No. vaccinated*235171437303
No. re-vaccinated*353745

* Includes supplementary figures for 1948 and 1949.
There were no cases specially reported during the period under
review of:—
(a) Generalised vaccinia.
(b) Post-vaccinal encephalomyelitis.
(c) Death from complications of vaccination other than
(a) and (b).
Reference again is made to the pressing and continuing need
for the vaccination of all infants and young children in this riparian
Our close proximity to the docks, port of entry for ocean-going
vessels from all corners of the earth, brings the ever-present menace
of the introduction of the dreaded disease, small-pox, into the homes
of the burgesses.