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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Section 26—Vaccination and Immunisation.
The Minister has decided that this work rightly falls within
the duty of the general practitioner to the family under his terms
of contract in the National Health Service Act. However, as the
result of negotiation, the local authorities are empowered to pay a
fee of 5s. Od. for every ease of vaccination and immunisation for
which duly completed records are submitted to the Medical Officer
of Health."
Whooping cough vaccine may be continued with diphtheria
immunising prophylactic for use in individual cases but no fee is
yet authorised in respect of pertussis immunisation alone.

Table 28.


No. of children who completed a full course of primary immunisation (including temporary residents)Total number of children who were given a secondary or re-inforcing injection (i.e., subsequent to complete full course)
Age at date of final injection
Under 55—14Total
6 months ending 30/6/49*9371841,121167
6 months ending 31/12/49†8661491,015129
Totals1,803/ 3332,136296
Of above totals No. of children immunised by:—
(a) Council staff1,2922931,585286
(b) General Practitioners5114055110

Note :—The 121 children mentioned at the foot of table 29 are included in the above figures.
* Includes supplementary figures for 6 months ending 31/12/48 and 30/6/49.
† Includes supplementary figures for 6 months ending 31/12/49.

Table 29.


Prophylaxis with Pertussis Vaccines for Year ending 31/12/49.

No. of children who completed a course of inoculation with pertussis vaccines (including alum-precipitated vaccines and vaccines combined with diphtheria prophylactic).Total
Age at date of final injection.
Under 1 year1—4 years5—14 years

NOTE.—Of the above figures, 42 children received the whooping cough vaccine
only and 121 the combined whooping cough and diphtheria prophylactic.