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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Tuberculin-Tested (Pasteurised) Milk—
Dealers' Licence 1
Pasteurised Milk—
Establishment Licence 1
Dealers Licences 18
Supplementary Licence 2
The Council decided in December, 1936, to charge no fees
in respect of licences granted under the Milk (Special Designations)
Order, 1936.
(b) Meat and Other Foods.
(1) Meat Inspection.—Periodic visits to butchers shops and
market stalls were made during the year.
(2) Food Premises.—The number of inspections made of
food premises included 16 dairies; 6 of bakehouses and 625 of
other premises.
(3) Slaughterhouses.—No slaughterhouse was in use during
(4) Bacteriological Samples.—132 samples were submitted
for bacteriological examination during the year, including 97 of
milk, 1 of tinned milk, 1 of dried milk and 33 of ice cream. A
prescribed standard for the latter product is long overdue.
(5) Other foods.—Inspection of other foods resulted in the
condemnation for human consumption of 4,236 tins, including
409 tins of meat and meat products, 73 tins of fruit, 467 tins of
vegetables, 686 tins of fish, 949 tins of milk and 1,632 tins or
packages of other foods. In addition, the following foods were
condemned as unfit for human consumption due to enemy action.
267J lbs. meat, 927I lbs. fish, 8183 lbs. of fruit and other
(c) Adulteration.
Details of the various samples obtained by the Sanitary
Inspectors and the results are included in the following tabular