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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Return relating to the work of the Tuberculosis and Chest Clinic during the quarter ending 31st December, 1945.

Diagnosis.Adults.Children.Adults.Children.Adults.Children.Grand Total.
A.—(1) Number of definite cases of Tuberculosis on the Dispensary Register at the beginning of the Quarter4443892922688515551247444271057
(2) Transfers from Authorities of area outside that of the Council or Board during the Quarter613211631414
(3) Lost sighi of cases returned during the Quarter
B.—Number of New Cases diagnosed as tuberculous during the Quarter :—
(1) Class T.B. minus22164122164143
(2) Class T.B. plus15156
(3) Non-pulmonary115211529
C.—Number of cases included in A. and B. written off the Dispensary Register during the Quarter as :—
(1) Recovered111
(2) Dead (all causes)6101171118
(3) Removed to other Areas48114329
(4) For other reasons12121326
D.—Number of definite cases of Tuberculosis 011 the Dispensary Register at the end of the Quarter4623963325688618753048251321095