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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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TABLE 31. Tuberculosis-—Institutional Beds and Treatment provided directly or through arrangements with Other Authorities or Voluntary Institutions for the Quarter ending on 31.12.45.

Note : Figures are as on the last day of the quarter.

INSTITUTION(2) Total Beds Provided(3) Number of Beds included in Col. (2) temporarily not available(4) Number of Beds included in Col. (2) vacant but ready for use(5) Ex-Service cases(6) Other Patients
NAME*See Note 1
Harts SanatoriumA5740223122712424
Branston HallC5
Langdon HillsC1
Ashridge HospitalD1
Douglas HouseD1
Hull Aftcr-Care ColonyD1
Holt SanatoriumD3
King George V San.D2
L'head EmergencyD1
London Chest HospitalD1
Lord Mayor TreloarD5
Naylands SanatoriumD3
Preston HallD1— 1
Royal National Orth.D
Royal National HospitalD1
Royal Sea BathingD13
St. Luke's HospitalD2
Tad worth CourtD
Par ticulars of Be ds tempor-aril y not avail-able (Col. 3). (Reason to be shown as follows : S.N.= Shortage of nurses. S.D. = Shortage of domestics. W.D. = War Damage.)INSTITUTION (Indicate by above Serial Number)Number of Beds ClosedReasonNumber of Patients on Waiting List (See Note 4).2959
1I.D. Hospital evacuated to the Sanatorium, September, 1939.
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