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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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with the numerous difficulties they are at present experiencing.
This intensive supervision and educational work has done much
to maintain the high standard of health amongst the infant
Infant Welfare Clinics.*
Throughout the year the attendances at the Infant Welfare
Clinics has been maintained at a high level, notwithstanding the
difficult domestic problems, which still exist. During 1945 there
has been a considerable increase in the number of children
suffering from minor ailments, especially skin, and ophthalmic
Premature Child.
Special attention and supervision is given to the premature
child and frequent visits paid until the child's general condition
is completely satisfactory.
Sunlight Clinic.
Two Sessions per week arc held for infants under 5 years,
who are referred for treatment.
Immunisation Clinic.
Two Clinics are held for immunisation against Diphtheria
and Whooping Cough. Intensive propaganda has been carried
out during the year by the Health Visiting Staff. The Clinics
have been well attended, and a large number of children under
5 years have been immunised against Diphtheria, though there
still remains a considerable number of unprotected children. A
limited number of children have also been protected against
Whooping Cough.
Ante=Natal Clinics.
During 1945, the number of expectant mothers attending
the Ante-Natal Clinics is the highest on record. The large number
of applications for Maternity Hospital accommodation continues
to be an urgent problem, and has been so great, that it has been
found impossible to meet the demand, with the result that many
mothers have required to accept domiciliary treatment.