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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Number of cases in which medical aid was summoned during
the year under Section 14 (i) of the Midwives' Act, 1918, by a
(i) For domiciliary cases 117
(ii) For cases in institutions 40*
Total 157
*East Ham Memorial Hospital.
Maternity Hospital Accommodation.
The maternity ward in the East Ham Memorial Hospital
was opened on 1/11/43, the accommodation is 16 beds (exclusive
of isolation and labour beds) and the following statistical information
in respect of the year ended 31/12/45 is given:—
East Ham Memorial Hospital.
Number of maternity cases admitted 405*
Average duration of stay of cases in lying-in wards 13.9 days
Number of cases delivered by:—
(a) Midwives 325
(b) Doctors 44
Number of cases in which medical assistance was
sought by a midwife in an emergency 40
Number of cases admitted after delivery 1
Number of cases notified as Puerperal Pyrexia 1
Number of cases of Pemphigus Neonatorum —
Number of infants who received a supplementary
or complementary feed while in the institution
(excluding those given during the first 3 or
4 days whilst breast feeding is being
established) :—
Supplementary 10
Complementary 21
Number of infants wholly breastfed on leaving
the institution 345
Number of cases notified as Ophthalmia
Neonatorum —
Number of Maternal Deaths —
Number of Still Births 8
Cause in each case and results of post-mortem
examination (if obtainable) :—
1. Mother acute Hydramnious; infant