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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Prevention of Blindness
A full and complete report on the Prevention of Blindness
was submitted to the Council in 1937—no further action has taken
The Invalid Children's Aid Association
The Local Authority is indebted to the Association for its
beneficial work on behalf of the Children and the nature and
extent of the services rendered will be seen from the following
i wish to express my thanks to the Committee and to Miss
Webber for their invaluable assistance in obtaining vacancies in
Convalescent Homes and for their help in the administration of
the arrangements generally during the past year.
The number of cases dealt with during 1945 was 204.
The following are the particulars:—

Children referred by:—

Private Doctors and Hospitals46
Chest Clinic47
M. & C.W. Centres15
Education Dept. and School Health Service81
Parents applied9
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The children suffered from:—

Anaemia and Debility27
Rheumatism, Chorea and Heart9
Debility following illness, operations and accidents35
Crippling Defects21
Nervous conditions15
Congenital deformities8
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