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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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physical training- is given daily, together with a small amount of
domestic training incurred in connection with the preparation
and clearance of tables before and after the midday meal. The
meal is conveyed to the Centre, from a nearby Local Centre
which supplies the School Dinners, in hot metal containers, and
is varied daily. In suitable weather, outdoor games and also
simple gardening instruction, form part of a day's occupation.
Each defective also assists, at the closing of the Centre each day,
in the orderly clearing of tables and storing away of their work.
Out of 21 defectives (11 males and 10 females) granted
licence during the year, 3 were recalled to institutional care, 14
are at work and doing fairly well, 2 are residing satisfactorily
with their parents, and 2 were discharged from the operation of
the M.D. Acts.
Occasional visits are paid to all cases discharged from the
operation of the Acts and still within this area. All removals are
notified to the respective areas.