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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(k) Aldersbrook Homes and Scattered Homes.

I am indebted to Mr. Pitt Steele, Superintendent, for the following information relative to the years ended 31/12/45:—

This yearCorresonding
Highest number in residence during year520515496
Lowest number in residence during year460428437
Numbers in lesidence on 1/1/45:—
Aldersbrook and Scattered Homes7966450
Other areas1111
Numbers in residence 31/12/45:—
Aldersbrook and Scattered Homes15179
Other areas311
Total number of admissions820621570
From East Ham233203114
From West Ham309217267
From Essex County Council278201189
From Education Authorities (included in totals)3914-
Total number of discharges859555570
From East Ham281170
From West Ham292201
From Essex County Council286184
From Education Authorities (included in totals)32-
Average number of admissions weekly15.712.3310
Average number of discharges weekly16.510.610
Greatest number admitted on any one day131210
Number of children under 3 years admitted307250166
Chareeabilitv to Authorities on 31/12/45:—
East Ham9814983
West Ham169155225
Essex County Council157172152
Education Authorities:—
East Ham3
West Ham1310
Ley ton146-
Essex County Council55
Number of deaths in the Homes3
Transfers to other institutions not under control of East or West Ham or Essex County Council453032
Transfers to or from Reception Areas:—
F rom417358
Total number of davs maintenance173419171332168314