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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Social Welfare Domiciliary Medical
The "open choice" scheme of medical relief was adopted
by the Council in 1933 and was described in my report for the
year 1934. It operated throughout the whole of the Borough
with the exception of a small area beyond the King George V
and Royal Albert Docks in North Woolwich until 31/12/38, when
Dr. Brews, District Medical Officer, for that small area, retired.
On 1/1/39 the whole of the Borough was included in the scheme.
The service continues successfully, is popular with all concerned
and is administrated with the minimum of trouble.


SOCIAL WELFARE DOMICILIARY MEDICAL SERVICE. Statistical Return for the Year Ending 31/12/45.

No. of Individual PatientsNo. of Attendances at Homes.No. of Attendances at Surgery.Total No. of Attendances.No. of occasions Medicines supplied without seeing Patients

Number of applications to Medical Officer of
Health for hospital treatment 3
Social Welfare Nurse and Assistant Social Welfare Officer.
Number of requisitions received for attendance
of Nurse 7
Total attendances at home by Nurse 1,958
Venereal Diseases.
The facilities available were the same as in recent years for
the treatment of these diseases.
From the official tables supplied by the London County
Council the following figures are abstracted and arc compared
with statistics since 1939:—