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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Causes of Death in Age Groups, 1945,
and Total Deaths for 1939-1945.


Causes of Death in AGe Groups, 1945, and Total Deaths for 1939-1945.

Cause of DeathAll agesDeaths at different periods of life of residents (civilians), whether occurring within or without the district.Institutional DeathsTotal deaths for the years :—
Under 1 year1-5 years5-15 years15-45 years45-65 years65 and upwardsTotal Deaths in Institutions1945194419431942194119401939
1. Typhoid and Para-typhoid Fevers13
2. Cerebro-Spinal Fever1111331
3. Scarlet Fever1
4. Whooping Cough1166
5. Diphtheria11131346
6. Tuberculosis of Respiratory System26261820114621312526180537888 1371
7. Other forms of Tuberculosis721222252914715812
8. Syphilitic Diseases41221355977112
9. Influenza311111214227515729
10. Measles1111123
11. Acute Polio-Myelitis and Polio- Encephalitis
12. Acute Infective Encephalitis15331
13. Cancer of Buccal Cavity and Oesophagus (M) Uterus (F)1061410185161314241524235
14. Cancer of Stomach and Duodenum2915431221310188444550523535
15. Cancer of Breast17125717271914251/
16. Cancer of all other sites7158166282337284735129118130128104132
17. Diabetes221121416812141022
18. Intracranial Vascular Lesions49611213183541323311012511011612413463
19. Heart Disease134152453218981294653286314237262292393365
20. Other Diseases of Circulatory System26324881424201958343435472762
21. Bronchitis532211111823318229756699716213548
22. Pneumonia34348611139713192417685975554588 2164
23. Other Respiratory Diseases1372526566201219161815
24. Ulcer of Stomach and Duodenum1521102415117221811161615
25. Diarrhoea (under two years)6161517211132510
26 Appendicitis5112215164677115
27. Other Digestive Diseases16141241913121230232123232646
28. Nephritis88112156651621202892633
29. Puerperal and Post Abortive Sepsis222243213
30. Other maternal causes224123
31. Premature Birth67675513192331141345
32. Congenital Malformations, Birth Iniurv. Infantile Diseases1761441112133232322181421
33. Suicide5323123286118141818
34. Road Traffic Accidents973243228516510141321} 45
35. Other violent causes28391231311012412711613671423217186245
36. All other causes686211111761064848614513012513110593134172
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