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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(i) Light Clinic.
The number of children treated at the Light Clinic was 215.
The following are the details of treatment:—
Treated Attendances
General application 197 2,270
Local application 10 48
Electrical treatment 8 59
The School Meals Service has proved of great value to pupils,
and facilities for the preparation and serving of meals have been
extended during the year.
The number of parents who were present during routine
medical inspections was 2,178, representing 65 per cent.
(a) Blind and (b) Partially Sighted Pupils.
One blind and one partially sighted child are maintained
in residential special schools.
(c) Deaf and (d) Partially Deaf Pupils.
Of six deaf pupils three are attending day special school and
three are maintained in residential schools.
(e) Delicate and (j) Physically Handicapped Pupils.
Fifteen pupils are suffering from disease or crippling defect
which render them unfit for education in an ordinary school. Of
these nine are attending special day schools and five are maintained
at special boarding schools. One child is awaiting
admission to a special boarding school.
Delicate pupils and pupils requiring short periods of convalescence
are referred to the local branch of the Invalid
Children's Aid Association for the necessary treatment. The